Bar Specials

Bar Specials2018-01-11T13:03:09-06:00

Eddie McStiff’s has daily bar and food specials to fit everyone’s desire and budget! Come in and enjoy the best food and drink of the Moab Grill & Bar.


Intermountain Wheat – 6%ABV $8.26
Cross Fever Amber Ale – 4.8% ABV $8.26
Golden Halo Blonde Ale – 6%ABV $8
Frohlich Pilsener – 6.6%ABV $8
Elephino Double IPA – 8%ABV $8
Hop Rising Double IPA – 9%ABV $7
Polygamy Porter Nitro – 6%ABV $7
Hop Nosh IPA – 7.3%ABV $7
Monkshine Blonde – 6.8%ABV $7


Margaritas $7
Hornitos Bauza with homemade sweet lime juice mix,  finished with a lime slice and a salt rim
A Stiff Marg, $10 –Add another ounce for maximum strength (2.5 oz , the legal maximum for a cocktail in Utah)

Desert Mule $7
Vodka, muddled limes, a dash ofbitters, and Cock Be Bull Ginger Beer, topped with sliced lime

Mosquito $10
Bacardi Berry Rum, 151 rum, muddled mint, strawberry puree, and Cock N’ Bull ginger beer

Eddie’s Palmer $8
Deep Eddy sweet tea vodka, Absolut Citron, lemonade, and fresh-brewed iced tea

Mai Tai $9
Two kinds ofrum poured over orange, pineapple and mango juices and topped with Meyer’s Dark Rum

Coconut Ginger Mojito $10
Coconut Ciroc and Canton Ginger liqueur muddled with fresh limes, mint leaves, and raw sugar, shaken and iced


The Bloody Eddie $10
Absolut Vodka with strong dashes of Peppar and Citron vodka, over our house made spiced Bloody Mary mix

Irish Coffee $8
A shot of Jameson in a cup of our fresh brewed coffee, topped with whipped cream and sugar

Desert Island Screwdriver $9
A shot of Absolut mixed with Citron and Mandarin and a splash of mango and prickly pear purees, mixed with fresh orange juice over ice

Aperol Spritz $7
Champagne splashed with Aperol and a squeeze of orange juice

Mimosa $4
Brut champagne and fresh orange juice


Drinks (for here)
(drinks ordered to go will be a bit more for a medium or large)
Espresso (2 oz) $2.25
Drip Coffee $2
Americana $2.25
Latte $3.25
Mocha $3.50
Chai Latte $3.50
Cappuccino $3.25
Dirty Chai $4.75
Hot Chocolate $3.00
Hot Tea (selection) $2.25

and MORE

Mexican Chocolate Cake (GF) $6.50
Flour-less chocolate cake flavored with Kahlua and cinnamon—topped with spiced walnuts and caramel sauce, and paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Finale Perfeota $4.50
Vanilla ice cream served with a homemade biscotti and a shot of espresso

Pie Du Jour $6.50
Homemade pies, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream-ask your server for the pie specials!

Adult Root Beer Float $8.00
Coney Island Brewing “Hard” Root Beer ( 5.8% Alc.zvol.) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Ice Cream Scoops $2.50 1$4.50
Single or double scoop, cone or cup. Your server can inform of current flavor options

Whoopie Wowie Chooolate Sundae $6.00
Vanilla ice cream served with fresh chocolate whoopie cakes, hot fudge, whipped cream, and cherries

Tropical Sundae $6.00
Vanilla ice cream drizzled with hot fudge and topped with pineapple chunks and shredded coconut, and a cherry

Neapolitan Banana Split $7.00
A split banana with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, pineapple and strawberry chunks, hot fudge, sliced almonds, whipped cream and a cherry

Berries and Cream $5.00
A scoop of vanilla ice cream smothered in blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream

Root Beer Float $4.00



Captain Morgan $6
Pyrat $6
Bacardi Superior $6
Meyer’s Dark $7
Mt. Gay $7
Sugar House (UT) $8


Jim Beam $5
High West Double Rye (UT) $5
High West Prairie Bourbon (UT) $5
Jack Daniels $6
Bulleit Bourbon $6
Bulleit Rye $6
Jameson $7
Crown Royal $7
Makers Mark $7
Johnny Walker Red $7
Glenlivet $8

Want something else? Ask your server!
We pour shots at 1.6 oz, the legal maximum in Utah

* Menu items and pricing may change with Market availability and fluctuations